33rd Annual OG Radiotron

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Festival will be happening throughout the day. 
Join us at 3:30pm for a Ceremony for Peace event
Music begins at 4:00 p.m.

GENRE: Urban

RADIOTRON was opened in 1983, as a safe haven for local Bboys, Graffitti artists, & Djs. Known as the 1st West Coast Hip Hop youth center. Featured on the film «Breakin’» and center for some of LA’s Hip Hop Legends.


4:05PM Urban Art Movement Crew

4:20PM DJ Gingee

4:25PM Brother J

4:30PM DJ Nite N Dae with Lil CoCo’s and Hanna Pop

4:35PM Koncious

4:40PM Chris Star

4:45PM Shuga Rae

4:50PM TnT

4:55PM Brown Plague

5:00PM Two Awards

5:05PM Jeckle with DJ Dezo Dee n company

5:10PM DJ Set by: Johnnie Quezzt/ Poplockers

5:15PM Shawn McDonald

5:20PM Eyerie w/ DJ Gingee

5:25PM Union Station

5:30PM Faxx

5:40PM Olmega

5:45PM DJ Set by: DJ Lady Lamar

5:50PM Inner City Dwellers

5:55PM Salvajes

6:00PM Rhyme Addicts & Mike Storm

6:05PM Tek The Supahlatin

6:10PM Klass One w/ Bin Grim (hypemen) & Funny Bonez (Poplocking Crew)

6:15PM Soul King

6:20PM Ms. Toi

6:25PM Mean Green

6:30PM Longevity

6:35PM DJ Set by: DJ Spark & Qwesscoast with B Boy Moose

6:45PM Nebluv

6:50PM Born Allah

6:55PM Riffleman

7:00PM Medusa

7:05PM Beatbox Set by: Click The Supahlatin

7:10PM Shabadoo & Boogaloo Shrimp Award

7:15PM Legend of Soul Brothers

7:20PM MC/Host Hollywood

7:25PM World Class Wreckin Cru

7:35PM Cli N Tel & Krazy Dee with Crazy Legs, Kid Freeze, BBoy Moose

7:40PM Mellow Man Ace and Cazal Organism

7:45PM LA Breakers with DJ Lord Ron & MC Triple Ace

7:55PM Kid Frost and Scoop Deville

8:10PM Uncle Jamms Army Award / Tribute To Rodger Clayton

8:15PM DJ Showdown Cypher (DJ Battlecat & DJ Kitt Katt, Arabian Prince & DJ Mark Luv, Joe Cooley, DJ Evil E, LA Mixmaster Ralph M, DJ Aladdin, DJ Antron And Chris The Glove Taylor

8:40PM Chris The Glove Taylor Award/ TEMPT ONE Award

8:45PM King T

8:50PM Air Force Crew w/ DJ Hazze ( Handyman’s Award}

9:00PM Disco Danny and Ronnie Hudson & Rapper’s Rap Group w/ Royal Flush Dancers, Tic Tac, OG Jeckle, Scorpio, Mr.Stretch, Lil’ CoCo, Ace Rock, Playboy Eddie, LA Bobbin Crew,Kool Boy & The WestCoast Poplockers


MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council 

Macarthur Park, Los Angeles 2230 W 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90057